The wall graphics is a great initiative and makes us feel a part of such a wonderful community at Anglia Ruskin University.

Tabish Zaman

"I must say the work that you do has made a fantastic difference to the faculty building, particularly the use of inspirational quotations, which I for one have used to share on a social networking site and received many positive comments from those who also read it. Comments included 'very encouraging', 'thank you for sharing', and general liking as to the choice of the phrases I had shared with them.”

“As a post-graduate student on the MBA, I personally feel motivated and inspired by the artwork too, it's extremely unique and creative and the colouring is subtle and easy of the eye, and I tend to take time on my way back to the class room and enjoy the relaxing influence it has on me during a busy 3-day Course

Jessica John

"I think the wallpaper designs are amazing. I have actually copied some of the quotes into my diary as I found them so inspirational.

MBA student

“I find the graphics in the business school to be eye catching and inspiring.”

Tony Winter

Being in touch with today’s important issues makes you think more about what you see or what you take from it. The use of minimal colour on white means the graphic is not in your face but at the same time draws your attention. The use of tones combined with the depth of the image re-inforces the 3D aspect of the image.”

Michael Young

“I am very impressed with the designed graphics. I feel they more compliment their surroundings rather than intrude on them.”

David Abbot

“Interesting, exciting, attracts your attention, makes you think.”

“The graphics are really interesting and you remember them. The idea of motivating students is very good!” “I think the images on the walls are a great idea and give a good image of Anglia Ruskin University. It is also a brilliant piece of art!” “I like seeing familiar, happy and motivated looking students on the walls in the business school. The designs are very up to date and modern looking.” “The graphics make the walls of the building much more interesting and the content is also motivating for students.”

James McKnight

“The graphic designs give the building a much fresher and new look.  I really like them.”

Chris Hand

“I have seen the graphics and I think that they are inspiring and interesting. I think they decorate and make the university look much more interesting and fun. I like them a lot.”

Katrina Abramsome

“When looking at the walls I get a great sense of inspiration. The involvement of current students helps to make me feel welcome and positive about the University.”

Ruzive Mhiribidi

“I like the way the wording is incorporated into the designs and I find the quotes quite motivating.  I also like the use of colours too which are not overdone.

Claire Smith

“The wall covering is very colourful and sends out some good messages about what the University is trying to portray. I find them inspiring.”“The graphics are very artistic and relevant to student life. I like seeing my friends, and myself, on the walls. I have a real sense of belonging and of being part of the University. I like seeing the walls being decorated in this way as it makes the University look beautiful and it is far better than having plain walls!

Jessica Zifodya



Corporate Wall Art